Dog Training and Behavior Consultancy, and a professional Dog School for the Greater Geelong Region

InLine K9 is a dog training and behavioral service available at your home,
Greater Geelong, Ballarat, Melbourne and beyond! 

We work around your lifestyle to provide quality training and behavior modification for your dog and help it become the best family pet it can be.

We have the professional training and practical experience to help you and your dog, from common questions to severe, life changing problems. We gladly welcome clients with dogs that display unsure, unsafe 

or uncontrolled behaviors.

We believe in what we call LIFESTYLE BEHAVIORAL TRAINING. 

Using modern, balanced methods that are encompassed into your daily lives you can train your dog quickly and effectively without dry repetition or long, boring homework sessions!


From the biggest to the tiniest, we train them all! It's always important to look past size and remember to take care of the essentials to create a well rounded and socialised adult!

Our Puppy Program is based around our fundamentals - learning through play and experience. We have taken our years of experience in raising working dogs to give your pet a foundation like no other.

We create friendly, social, resilient, environmentally stable and brave puppies that strongly bond to their owners. 

If you want the perfect pet or want to raise a strong sport/working dog contact us about our Puppy Classes today!

Pet Dogs

We love our dogs, they are our companions and bring us joy... well usually! Sometimes are beloved pooch has a few bad habits that just keep making bumps in the road!

From simple behaviors such as leash pulling, jumping, basic manners to more complex situations we have the experience to help your family become happy again.

We provide in home consultations that include the whole family. Top up lessons are then done through our Dog School on the weekends to keep up all that good work!


We have over a decade of experience in handling and retraining extreme behaviors. Having a dog on the more extreme end of the behavioral spectrum can be a stressful time. 

InLine K9 are here to support not only training needs, but help our clients on a personal level. 

We are available 7 days a week to assist and support for the life of your pet.

  • Aggression and Aggressive Responses
  • Fear/Anxiety Based Behaviors
  • Incident Response
  • Anti Social Behavior
  • Neglected and Rescue Dogs

Performance & Sport

Do you want more pep in your step? Tighter heels? Fierce focus? Pizzaz in the showring?!

Come visit us for a private workshop! We provide step by step solutions to common problems as well as methods to take home and enhance your routine!

We can provide solutions for:

Scent work
Prey work
Show dog

and much much more! All you need do is ask!

Dog School

We offer a small class, inclusive school on the weekends. We understand to get the most you need the most! Large class sizes are a thing of the past.

All ages, behaviors and breeds are welcome. Head over to our Dog School page for more information!

Euro Joe Dog Training Equipment

We are the ONLY official Euro Joe dealer for Australia!

Access some of the finest dog gear available today. Strong, reliable and long lasting. We ourselves have moved to the Nylcot range; better on the teeth and longer lifespan then the old fashioned jute products.

Retail sales for pet and working dogs

Special rates and package deals for Government Agencies

Please give us a call about your needs today!

Proud Supporters of the
Young Diggers Dog Squad